Lemon and Lime

Glass two tone earrings in citrus colours.  Low nickel, silver plated ear wires.


Pink/Green glass

Two tone pink and green glass earrings. Low nickel, silver plated wires.


Cat's Eyes - Silver Grey

These glass beads are really attractive, they have a two tone appearance.  These earrings are on silver plated, low nickel wires.


Swarovski Hearts

Swarovski hearts in many colours and finishes, all with silver plated ear hooks.


Fuchsia Hearts

Swarovski heart earrings in bright fuchsia.


Aquamarine Hearts

Aquamarine Swarovski hearts on silver plated wires.


Hematite Rings

Hematite rings and beads with Czech faceted glass beads.  Low nickel gunmetal earwires. 



Swarovski beads in both jet and clear crystal. Low nickel silver plated earwires.  


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